Not all the presentations are available on the website.

Wim Bouwman, plan for the work shop

Session 1: Neutrons and Food, chair: Erik van der Linden

Sofie Ossowski, Aim of work shop and status ESS

Andrew Jackson, Introduction to Neutron Scattering

Martin Leser, 'Soft' Matters in Food

Session 2: Large length structures, chair: Arjen Bot

Kitty van Gruijthuijsen, Towards understanding gelation in complex model mixtures

Wim Bouwman, SESANS for food

Frank Wieder, High pressure treatment of food materials: Compression monitoring by means of cold neutron radiography

Markus Strobl, Neutron Imaging and Food

1 minute poster presentations

Session 3: Health and structure, chair: Thomas Gutberlet

Alan Mackie, Food Structure for Health

Dieter Middendorf, Nanoscale dynamics of food constituents by neutron scattering

Thomas Vilgis, Structure and Texture of Food Polymer Mixtures

Session 4: Cook and Chemist, chair: Wim Bouwman

Eke Marien en Jan Groenewold, Cook and Chemist

Session 5: Interfaces, chair:John Webster

Annika Olsson, Neutrons for Food Packaging

Camille Loupiac, Major Role of Interfacial Water on Protein Structure and Dynamics

Peter Fischer, Stabilization of emulsions and foams: Probing interfacial properties by small angle scattering

Rob Dalgliesh, Spin-Echo SANS and Neutron reflection at the ISIS SecondTarget Station

Session 6: Interaction, chair: Tommy Nylander

Jan Swenson, Water Dynamics in Carbohydrate Rich Food by Quasielastic Neutron Scattering

Richard Frazier, Puroindolines and neutrons: determining the function of a family of sticky, non-stick wheat proteins

Ad van Well, Protein adsorption at the air-water interface

Maaike Nieuwland, Visualization and characterisation of protein structures at different length scales

Session 7: Dairy, chair: Marie Paulsson

Richard Ipsen, Some Current Issues in Dairy Technology Where Neutrons Could Play a Role

Sofie Ossowski, A neutron and light scattering study on pure kappa-casein

Sreenath Bolisetty, Formation of multistranded beta-lactoglobulin amyloid fibrils and their stimuli responsive magnetic behaviour in the lyotropic liquid crystals

Andrew Jackson, Effects of high pressure on casein micelle structure

Session 8: Emulsions & hydration, chair: John van Duynhoven

Arjen Bot, Wall structure of self-assembled sitosterol + oryzanol tubules: a low-safa structurant of edible oils

Maria Ricci, Hydration of Trehalose and Glutathyone

Hans Tromp, Hydrogen bonds studied by wide angle neutron scattering

Vasyl Haramus, A comparative study of SANS, ultrafiltration and dialysis

Session 9: Foams & proteins, chair: Hans Tromp

Monique Axelos, Neutrons for structural investigation of biopolymers assemblies

Fabrice Cousin, Self-assembly of Fatty acids and Neutrons : from the determination of the structure in bulk solution and at the air/water interface to the understanding of the Mechanisms of Stabilization of Smart Foams

Sarah Rogers, Small-Angle Neutron Scattering at ISIS: Applications to Food Science

Sheila Khodadadi, Preservation of Proteins in Glassy State

Session 10: Conclusions, chair Sofie Ossowski and Andrew Jackson

Panel discussion, How can the ESS be a good facility of food science?

Erik van der Linden, Conclusions of the work shop